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 Jeanne began practicing as a professional artist who graduated with a B.A. in Studio Art from The College of St. Catherine in St. Paul MN in 1986. Early on, she thought creating art was her passion. She followed this direction for a while until her life began to change.

Jeanne married and started to raise a family.  Her professional artist life took a back seat as the other parts became more conventional. During this time, friends asked her for private art lessons and one finally suggested that she try teaching a class through Community Education. So she did that and the students must have liked it because they demanded more! Before long, she was teaching three classes. Little did they know that now she WAS HOOKED on teaching! Jeanne earned her teaching certificate in Art Education in 1994 while her son was a toddler and she was pregnant with her daughter.

Jeanne has been teaching art for 20+ years. This has caused her to refine and hone her own artistic skills alongside teaching skills and techniques to others who share a similar passion not just for creating art but for the study of the arts of various cultures and how people communicate through the arts.  And that is how Bootz Culture Camp came about and shortly grew to what is now Bootz Cultural Arts Center. 

Exploring the world Through The Arts

Inspired by the arts from cultures throughout the world, we create our own artwork and learn processes, techniques, etc.. We offer classes in a diverse range of disciplines, media, and subjects. 


Jeanne Bootz

Chief Creative Officer

Krista Koontz Martinelli - 5 star

"What a terrific idea - to give kids a passport and let them explore different countries of the world through art! Bravo! And every piece of art that my children have brought home from these classes has been worth keeping and putting up on the wall...very nice finished pieces. Excited to try some of the new cooking classes too, now that Bootz Cultural Arts Center has expanded!"

Eric Katie Bartimore reviewed Bootz Cultural Arts Center — 5 star

"Yesterday my twins had their six birthday party here! They said it was the best party they've ever had! As a mom I highly recommend this place! I was very impressed."

Art Classes in Wellington, for all ages!